Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Arc of the coverment

Having got wind of a 'new' stone circle on Dartmoor, having the day off, the sun shining and Spook in need of an arr-yoo-en, we set off for Postbridge to have a butchers.

Climbing up to Broad Down we dropped down to Sandy Hole Pass, crossing the East Dart just upstream, and plodged up to Statt's House (the remains of a small tinners' hut). Making a bee line towards Sittaford Tor I cut off towards the standing stone, almost falling over the excavations. The stones came to light in 2007 after a fire burned off the tussock grass and Alan Endacott was in the right place at the right time.

It was tricky to get a good ground level shot, but this is quite an impressive circle (you had to be there, really...) Dave P (who penned the piece in the link) suggests that the previously known circles in the area describe an arc, into which this new one fits nicely. This got my inner Dartmoor anorak all excited about possible locations for other ones. Should make for some good runs, anyway.


  1. That is awesome! Would love to see it.

    1. Hi Johann,
      It's a cool spot for sure. You're more than welcome to stay if you're in the UK and fancy a closer look.