Thursday, 2 December 2010


Never liked the band (Liam Gallagher, ever the wordsmith, summed them up quite well) but always liked the name. Evocative of something or other.

The much heralded dusting of snow arrived overnight and so Spook and I braved the Arctic conditions ;-) to drive up to Princetown for a run. As usual there was no more snow than in Tavistock, although knee-deep drifts had formed in the lee of the enclosure walls.

Off down the motorway and up to Eylesbarrow and the twisty-turny snowy descent to the Narrator Brook and on up to Combeshead Tor.

The sun made a brief appearance so I quickly took a picturesque tor and dog combo.

Then to Hingston Hill and the stone row (which, I'm afraid, is about as Bronze Age as me) but quite pretty in the snow.

On up to Down Tor, down to Newleycombe Lake (lakes are streams on Dartmoor) it was into the plod to Older Bridge up the track. On reaching the motorway junction I spotted a couple of runners a few hundred yards ahead (in shorts too, good effort lads!) and set about catching them. They were going at a bit of a lick but I caught the first one just before South Hessary Tor and his mate just after. A good bit of speedwork, but I wondered about the outcome if they knew I was trying to beat them. Never mind, a win's a win........


  1. Can't beat some snowy speedwork - especially if the competition doen't know it's being chased. Spook's looking shaggy these days!

  2. Yeah, he's a bit of a scruff at the moment.

  3. nice winter coat
    you'll have chariots of fire playing in your head if youre not careful

  4. not as satisfying as beating a mountainbikist though.....