Wednesday, 17 March 2010

barefoot fun

For the first barefoot run of the year, I set off from Two Bridges and up to Higher White Tor via Littaford and Longaford Tors and returned via Wistman's Wood. I kept the aqua shoes on until the end of the Crockern Farm track and then chanced my arm with my first ever totally barefoot run. The nice springy turf and the southerly breeze made it easy. Atop Higher White I donned the aqua shoes again for the rockier return leg, feeling strangely over-equipped.


  1. Nice one. Did you enjoy it?

    I sometimes like to slip me shoes off for part of a run.

    2 days in a row without frost. It could be time for some BFing soon.

  2. That's interesting. I've been following the chatter on the FRA forum and did a little BF a week ago - quite keen to do a little more.

    Where do you get aqua shoes from?


  3. Sbrt - Thankfully was every bit as cool as I hoped it would be and will be phasing in more bf runs from now on.

    Si - I got them from the Gul shop in Plymouth for £6 last year but it's that time of year when they'll be appearing all over the place. Could be an idea to grab a couple of pairs before they sell out but they seem pretty durable.

  4. you're a braver man than me but i guess thats how we were meant to run..cavemen didnt wear innov8's did they

  5. That's the moors for you - worst is either thorns or horse poo, round here you get everything so the joy of dog poo oozing between my toes puts me off a little! Think I'll stick to me battered ol swoops for the time being...

  6. Getting soft and southern in your old age mate