Wednesday, 24 March 2010

don't stray from the path..............

Claggy and wet to start with, out for a quick sprint from the Plume of Feathers to Eylesbarrow via the motorway. The track is a bit stony and gritty for my sensitive little feet so I had the aqua shoes on all the way. Hopefully be confident to barefoot it before long. Still vest and shorts though (not totally soft and southern) much to the bemusement of the hyper-equipped walkers getting back to their cars as I was setting off. I enjoy the attention, really.

Returning back along the motorway after the 'feet in the peat' shot I stopped off at the Fox Tor cafe for something hot and wet.


  1. Go on. You know you want to...........

  2. looks nice and moody out there!
    hot and wet? would that be a bath ;-)

  3. Ah ha! could be a market there for muddy fellrunners.............