Monday, 11 October 2010

Rough Tor Route

A stunning day called for stunning running so I parked up at Two Bridges and padded off down the track towards Crockern Tor Farm. Following the West Dart (little brother of the East Dart) we passed above Wistman's Wood with its jumble of stunted oaks dripping in lichens and moss. Crossing the river it was time for the testy climb to Lydford Tor which can either be long slow and painful or short quick and painful. Digging in, we were up there in no time and on towards Devil's Tor and then into the easterly breeze to Rough Tor.

Rough Tor itself has been spoiled by two grey metal boxes which serve as military stables and a look-out with a flagpole stuck in the middle, but I reckon it has some of the best views on Dartmoor.

From here it was all downhill to Crow Tor, re-crossing the West Dart and a quick climb up to Longaford Tor. All downhill now to Crockern Tor Farm and a good opportunity to open it up a bit before the flat rough track back to the car park.


  1. After the first 2k or so, never saw a soul. Was regretting not wearing my vest as I sweated my way back to the car park, though

  2. Agree with you on Rough Tor views. Almost unbeatable. It may not be spoiled for much longer by the forces either.

  3. Great photos. Sometimes I crave flatness. Here it's either up or down.

  4. Hi WITC. The tidy-up plans can only be a good thing. I've never been convinced by the need for the military use of the moor.

    Hi Wooze. That's what I've been saying for ages. It's beautiful but let's not even call it hilly!

  5. Best time of year for running I reckon - nice and cool but not requiring full-on winter kit yet. It's like that again this w/e so may be forced to go out again!