Wednesday, 10 November 2010

the quagmire strikes back

A stunning clear day dawned and after a swift exchange of texts it was off to Prewley Water Works for a run with my mate Martin.

This route is always testy, far more than the distance or height gained would suggest. No idea why.

Martin had his sweet little collie Jess who, as usual, did a cracking job of keeping my boghound in order as we headed up to Branscombe's Loaf and the big skies of Corn Ridge.

We picked up the obvious track (which becomes a whole lot less obvious in the clag) and followed it until it began to curve north-west then cut down to the Rattlebrook Peat Works track.

As the track levelled we headed off towards Great Links Tor all the while having a go at the 'wilderness' brigade with the odd swipe at 'stone rows are ritual sites' crew and not forgetting the 'must carry an ice axe on Dartmoor' camp. It was at that point that I skittered about on an icy boulder in much the same way that Torville and Dean didn't and more by luck than judgement avoided breaking something. Serves me right.

Shortly afterwards, on a track specially chosen to avoid the clarts, Martin came a cropper (twice) while questioning the value of hill sprints. By now I had learned my lesson and kept my mouth shut.

Heading back without further mishap we had a soothing beer in the seriously strange Highwayman's Inn at Sourton.


  1. awesomenular - dartmoor at its wild untamed hostile best = )
    Cracking run amigo!!

  2. I'll be having nightmares about American ladies for weeks.......

  3. why? was brian glover et al in there?

  4. just flashing his small change- in lycra - in the Highwayman's - in front of an american...

    Clench and you'll be fine!

  5. Barmaid: 'Have you got the pound?'
    Me: 'Nope. Got nowhere to put change'
    American lady (I think): 'If he had, I would be able to see it'

    Had to be there, I suppose......

  6. Eeek!Ha Ha.

    Beer, recovery drink for the discerning runner.