Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Ultra training

Spook the Wonder Dog had been in the slammer for three days, the weather was looking perfect and none of the ranges were firing so it was off on my 20 mile north moor loop.
Starting from Princetown (my south 20 mile loop starts from here too, so that when I combine the two it's easy to get refuelled, etc.) the route heads out along the railway track for a warm up to Rundlestone. Up to Little Mis Tor and then east through the clartfest to Black Dunghill and Holming Beam brings us to the climb onto Beardown Tors. From here we drop in to Foxholes for a drink, across the West Dart and follow the enclosure wall to Higher White Tor.

Down to Lower White Tor and through Brown's Bog brings us to Wildbanks Hill. Skirting the western slopes it's a clear run to Flat Tor and time for more munching.
The route west from here to Lynch Tor involves a fair bit of boggy, passing through the watersheds of the West Dart, Tavy and Walkham. I love this bit of the moor - if I had my arm up my back and forced to call a bit of the moor 'remote', this would be it. Would still draw the line at 'barren' 'hostile' and 'wilderness', though.

More munching at Lynch Tor, then off to Cocks Hill, a drink from the Walkham and the run up to Great Mis Tor. From here it's all downhill to Little Mis Tor again and down to Four Winds before picking up the track to Foggin Tor and back to Princetown.

Felt good all the way round in perfect running conditions. I'll be adding these longer runs to the mix gradually over the winter to get a good base for next year building up to a 40 miler in the Spring. So far, so good......


  1. Nice run and beautiful photos! Building up gradually like that is perfect.

  2. Cheers Johann. Your next 100km sounds a proper adventure!

  3. are you heading to the lakes at all? it looks very different where you are

  4. Planning to around Easter. Reckon I've got running through bogs weighed off now.

  5. Wishing you many more blue sky Lakeland 50 training days.

  6. Looks good down here on Sunday but will have to juggle a run with watching the football and the Grand Prix