Saturday, 18 December 2010

foot-deep snow

A bit of a light dusting overnight produced foot-deep snow (as deep as a foot, rather than 12 inches deep!)

The roads were a bit tricky so I ran over Whitchurch Down, over Pew Tor, Windy Post Cross, Roos Tor and on to Langstone Moor stone circle. Not a breath of wind and regretting the tights and Helly top option within 20 mins.

Ran through clean, fresh snow from Pork Hill to Langstone Moor after the last intrepid bootprints turned for home.

Can't beat running in the snow.


  1. Chuckles away....Its like a foreign language !
    Good fotos.

  2. 'Pork Hill' has comic potential

  3. i think you're making these names up

  4. Is that really snow or just black and white photos? =)

    Nice snaps, a very different looking Dartmoor

  5. The bottom one looks like it couild be desert.
    We've got a Crapstone down here too :-)