Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year's Day

Strewth, another one!

Time for a run to Cranmere Pool to sign the visitors' book before breakfast.
Far from being in the middle of nowhere, Cranmere Pool is spitting distance from the most southerly point of the military ring road. I can comfortably manage it in 45 mins from Row Tor and I am by no means swift.

The terrain from OP15 is a bit soft but still icy enough underneath to allow swift progress. The last entry in the book was on the 12th December - looks like the dusting we had kept everybody away.

A quick blast back down the ring road to the car made for a good speed session.

'All is quiet on New Year's Day
A world in white gets under way'

still gives me shivers..........


  1. Looks good - I was out for a run on the local grouse moor this morning and it looked very similar. There was lots of man-eating peat bog covered in sometimes weight-bearing snow, which made for quite exciting running...and very dirty shoes.

  2. It keeps you guessing - could swallow your leg or be like concrete.

  3. Hey 4 Winds - looks like you had a good run. You've more snow left on Dartmoor than we have on the Long Mynd. Here's hoping you have a great year of running.

  4. Cheers Jim - int runnin' brilliant!