Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Unfortunately, a bout of both-ends lurgy kept yours truly indoors over the wet and wild weather, but Monday saw a return to my usual sparkling self. Spook was starting to nag about an 'arr you en' (we have to spell it in our house otherwise he goes bananas when he hears key words) so we parked up at Postbridge for a quick blast up to the East Dart waterfall to catch what remained of the spate.
The ground was seriously soggy and I was glad of the nice newish Walsh studs keeping me pointing the right way.

fishing collie
From here we plodged up to Sandy Hole Pass and on to Flat Tor. Passing the research enclosures (looking at gas emissions and erosion on Flat Tor Pan) we followed the scar of caterpillar tracks left by the vehicles used to lug the equipment out and dig the fence holes. Nice one, DNPA.

We crested an un-named lump of a hill with its unmarked shelter before heading to Broad Down and a soggy blast back to Drift Lane and the car park.


  1. Boggy marsh running - can't beat a good squelch out with the duh oh guh

  2. We cant even say 'go for a' in front of the dog.

    Glad you like the Walshes.

  3. Hi Matt - one of the finer things in life....
    Hi Steve - bless em! Also any combination and in any context from 'do'(which also sounds like 'chew' to Spookie) 'you' 'want' 'go' 'for a'