Sunday, 6 January 2013

Its the End of the World

After a festive season of runs under leaden skies and camera kept firmly in the bottom of my sac, I thought it was time to head out on the last day of the hols to get some shots.

We parked at Meldon reservoir, padded across the dam and curved up the side of Longstone Hill before hanging a left and picking a way between bog and clitter to Yes Tor. The track to High Willhays disappeared a couple of times in the industrial-grade clag so I took a bearing from there to Dinger Tor. From Dinger we shot off down to Lints Tor with its granite tower overlooking a strategic bend in the West Okement river.

Further downstream a procession of ramblers edged nervously around the Dead Marshes.

Elves and Men and Orcses..........

Following the river downstream we were soon swallowed by Mirkwood.

We popped out the other end unscathed and followed the track round the reservoir, back across the dam and back to the car.