Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Is Dartmoor a vast, barren wilderness of bottomless bogs plagued by unpredictable and sometimes extreme weather?


I can run across it comfortably in 5 hours. Every inch has had some human attention at some point. Every stream and hill has a name. Bogs are for running through. The weather is no more unpredictable than anywhere else. It rarely snows. Check the Dartmoor Rescue call-out logs to see how often folk come to grief on the moor.

It is however, a small fragile gem sometimes hauntingly beautiful with a subtle charm not easily caught on canvas or camera.

Thought the icicle wind chimes were cool......................


  1. Looks as if Spook likes it too.

  2. He hates stopping for photos though. He's got the 'get a move on, I'm freezing my cods off here' look.

  3. love your wordsmithing 4winds
    you must have a magic touch to get spook to stay still for the photoshoot