Thursday, 18 February 2010

Slush Puppy

Broke a week-long running duck with a snowy/slushy trot from Princetown to Eylesbarrow via the Peat Cott motorway. A comedic diversion was provided by a group of squaddies at Nun's Cross Farm who flagged me down to ask the way to Princetown. Bless.

Made for a good swift pace to blow away the cobwebs. Spook has been giving me the 'look' for a couple of days so I thought I'd better kit up and get out.


  1. Very brave of them squaddies - flaggin you down in your vest n shorts - a scary sight if ever there was one!! HA HA

  2. good on spook
    nothing quite like 'that look' to spur us into action eh!

  3. My ol hound gives me 'that look' tho its now more a case 'oh do i have to?' kinda look, bless him.

  4. Yeah, but still wouldn't take him on in a sprint after a squirrel

  5. ah your collie is like mine
    brilliant blog