Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Nipped up to Princetown for an afternoon sprint down the motorway. There had been a bit of snow - what us from the north would call a 'frost', but enough for me to forget any barefoot or even mincing slippers ideas and don the full-on Swoops. A nice cool northerly lulled me into a false sense of something before trying to stop me on the way back. When the hail hammered in on the return leg I was grateful for the hood on my windproof, having neither hat nor hair (to speak of). To nicely round off a cracking run I bumped into a couple of mates in the Fox Tor Cafe who were cycling from Plymouth to Ashburton.

I think this is where we get the expression 'hangdog' from....................


  1. added windproof for some :-(

  2. Bless 'im. He was dead chuffed with running backwards and forwards between all the squaddies trooping down the track and checking them out for chocolate.