Saturday, 17 April 2010

back in bog

Time to put the Swoops back in their cage and head off with Spook, who, after three days in the slammer, was well bouncy and in need of a run. I'd reccied the ground last week during Ten Tors training from Combestone Tor to Ryder's Hill and it looked just the job for barefoot. As it turned out it didn't disappoint and we cruised up to Ryder's Hill in no time (where the photo was taken). Nice to see skies without contrail scars.
A quick sprint to Snowdon (grassy lump on Dartmoor, not the mountain) just to run through the boggy bit in the saddle and back again. I ran this bit in fell shoes during the winter and nearly froze my feet off but it was squishy and warm today. Back up to Ryder's and the long swoopy descent past Horn's Cross and back to the car. Gradually ramping up the barefoot mileage (so far, so good)and off out again tomorrow morning to take advantage of the glorious weather.

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