Sunday, 25 April 2010

Ten Tors countdown

My teams' last training weekend with warm and windy conditions on Saturday for a route from Okehampton to Bellever. Spook looking chuffed to bits with something to cock his leg against, at last.

A group of ramblers enjoying the solitude(!)

Wetter conditions on Sunday meant a bit more of a navigational challenge and on with the day-glo rucksac covers, which made tracking them easier. This was taken on a section of the Lich Way or Way of the Dead.

Good luck to all the teams. I'll skip the usual patronising twaddle along the lines of 'Isn't it marvelous that these young folk are doing this rather than sat at home on their Playstations?' and let the Challenge speak for itself.......


  1. Those ramblers look like extras in a spaggetti western :-)

  2. A bit surreal that was. I would have missed it if my mate hadn't stopped me and said 'got your camera handy?'

  3. i reckon you retouched in on photoshop ;-)

  4. and you refrained from saying too..'isnt it nice that the older folk are out getting a bit of fresh air rather than sitting at home moaning about the state of the nation and the price of beans these days'

  5. Scary thing was they were about my age! I've asked to be put down if I start looking at Leki catalogues :-)

    As for photoshop - Oooo, don't get me started! I've seen loads of average Dartmoor shots Photoshopped to within an inch of their lives to look 'arty'

    Off to watch Sunday's Antiques Roadshow....