Thursday, 29 April 2010

Terrill Posts trot

With the weather taking a turn for the cooler and wetter and Spook giving me the 'look' it was time to kit up and get out for a run. I knew my route would involve a variety of terrain (well....... boggy, stony and back again) so I would be allternating barefoot with mincers.

Parking at Peat Cott it was on with the mincers for a blast down the motorway to Nun's Cross Farm and up to Headless Cross. From here there's a nice track to Little Fox Tor so it was barefoot up to there and on to Fox Tor. By now the few spots of rain had organised themselves into a bit more of a shower, so no hanging around as I dropped into Sunshine Valley(!) and up the Fox Tor Farm newtake wall to Mount Misery Cross. From here it's a quick jog to Terrill Posts (two crosses about 100m apart)

Then it really started to honk it down, just to please Spook even more about stopping.
The rain eased off nicely for the return run via The Boiler and Sam Parr's House. The mincers went back on at Whiteworks before a quick sprint back to the car.
My barefoot run times are about the same as they were with fell-shoes, even with the stopping to change. This could be due to less weight on the feet (wet Swoops weigh a ton) or maybe I'm getting fitter. Who knows ;-)


  1. What have you done to upset spook? he wont even look at you. Could he be ashamed of your naked feet:o)
    Good to here your BFing is going well.

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  3. Whoops! Commented before I checked to see if my daughter had signed in!

    Spook was doubly hacked off because we'd stopped and it was raining. Very expressive body language!
    BF seems to be going well, touch wood.

  4. Sounds like great fun. I can only aspire to your levels of bare footedness. I love the term "mincers" even though when I have a go bare foot'n I look much more like I'm mincing than when I have my man shoes on ;-)

  5. I think we have a way to go before we get some of the style of those mad mexican ultrarunners but they had to start somewhere too :-)

  6. your barefotted running heading anywhere or just something you fancied read all sorts of stuff about running better without shoes etc

  7. Hi ultracollie,
    All the bf stuff could be making me a more efficient runner, but at the end of the day I do it cos it feels nice! Working towards a barefoot/mincers run north to south Dartmoor in the summer.