Sunday, 2 May 2010

High Willhays fairy dance

Spits and spots of rain driven on a brisk north-eastery and the tors wreathed in a Hammer Horror-type mist. Perfect running conditions, then!

Powering up to Yes Tor like a frisky young chamois and picking my way with grace and skill to High Willhays (or is that High Willes) to take this shot.

Retracing my steps to Yes Tor I minced back down to the car like a total fairy as it was well slippy after the rain.


  1. Is your next run Fan Y Big in the Brecons. Fnar fnar!

  2. Funnily enough, i was thinking along those lines! Fnak fnak

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  4. Whoops, another of my daughter's Google accounts!

    Been experimenting with the self-timer. 10 sec is more than enough - tried 20 sec but I can't smile for that long without looking like Gordon Brown.

    That cairn looks like a rocky track disappearing into the distance, or is it just me?

  5. Rocky track to the heavens.

    Self timer is good. Saves approaching some one in the mist with no shoes on. That could scare a less open minded passer by ;-)

  6. Could almost be a Led Zep cover (minus me and the mut). The cover shot for Yes 'Tormato' was shot about 100 yards from here. Showing my age now.......

  7. Thanks for being our first blog follower! WITC salutes you reaching High Willhays this weekend, it was only round the Staple Tors for us, and 'brisk' wasn't exactly how I'd describe that Nor-East'er... Intensely, unceasingly freezin more like.

  8. Hi WITC!
    Not too bad for running - I can't stand being hot so it was a bit of a godsend - especially as it was behind me on the uphill!
    I wouldn't fancy standing around too long in it though which was why this was a swift photoshoot :-)
    May well bump into you out there - I'm fairly easy to spot!