Tuesday, 4 May 2010

barefoot to Beardown Man

I've been thinking about the barefoot potential of this run for a while and today was the day to give it a go. Starting from Holming Beam and padding down to the footbridge the northerly breeze was a bit snipey as my mate would say. Five mins later on the pull up to Beardown Tors it was all but forgotten on this cracking track.

The surface underfoot was what I hoped it would be - just harsh enough to condition my soles, but not so harsh that I would have to break out the mincers. From Lydford Tor and over the stile the track leads through a refreshingly boggy section, to a nameless outcrop and on to Devil's Tor and the Beardown Man standing stone.

From here it was a quick pad to Rough Tor and then down to Crow Tor, descending into Foxholes and back up to the Lydford Tor stile. From here, a sweet swoopy descent leads back to the footbridge and up to the car park.


  1. Yeah, I was lucky with the last shot - there was a load of cloud on the way and by the time I'd fiddled with the timer the light would have gone.

  2. My toes would be have been a 'bit snipey' too, if I hadn't stubbed them into submission first! Good on you!

  3. Ha! I find myself paying much more attention to the ground than I normally do. No mishaps so far, but seen some corkers on barefoot blogs.