Wednesday, 7 April 2010

west dart recce

Today's run took me from Two Bridges up to Littaford and Longaford Tors via the Crockern Farm track, taking the mincing slippers off at the farm. Then up to Higher White Tor, over the stile and on to the not much lower Lower White Tor. Heading down to the West Dart from here the surface took a turn for the harsh with lots of low-growing heather which played merry hell with my feet. Mincing slippers back on for a bit, then off again as the terrain softened towards the river where the photo was taken. It was a good chance to check out the terrain further up the West Dart or out over Broad Down for future barefoot runs. With my soles toughening nicely, thoughts turned to a barefoot foray to Fur Tor. Up to Crow Tor and back up to Longaford before the nice sweeping descent back to the Crockern Tor Farm track and back to the car.


  1. Not sure what look he was going for there - most likely 'look dad, sheep!'

  2. 'Mincing slippers' Always makes me smile:o)