Sunday, 11 April 2010

there are two sorts of navigators................

The penultimate weekend of Ten Tors training and the weather was kind. A long yomp on Saturday was followed by a footsore flit across the central portion of the moor from Sheepstor to Combestone Tor on Sunday. As ever I'm impressed with how quickly the teams have got the hang of the art of navigation - in fact few teams mess it up in training or on the event. I've seen all sorts of much more experienced folk mess it up big time - from MR team members on call-outs to total navigational meltdown on WGL assessment as well as myself out running at night. Makes the progress of the teams even the more impressive.
Spook can just be spotted saying hello to one of the team.


  1. hows spooks navving? charlie is a great pathfinder

  2. Often better than mine;-)
    Back from the Lakes tomorrow with photos of pointier bits than Flatmoor.............