Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Stone row, or no?

I could feel a motorway sprint coming on, so it was up to Princetown under changeable skies, park up at the Plume and zip up the track to South Hessary Tor. The were quite a few folk up there today - a couple pushing a buggy on the track and another pair with a buggy taking in the views on the tor. Further along at the junction with the Older Bridge track was a clutch of hacked-off looking squaddies (don't think they were the crew shooting at each other last time I was up here)

A quick rock dance down to Older Bridge, past a load of schoolkids (who always seem to have the right level of kit, ie very little) and up to Crazy Well Cross, past another clutch of squaddies to join the Devonport Leat and race it down Raddick Hill.

As I crossed the aquaduct I remembered seeing a double stone row marked on the OS to the south west of Black Tor, directly uphill from the aquaduct.

The northern part of the row has been incorporated into a boundary wall and only sections of the southern part remain easily visible. Because it's partly hidden it probably plays second fiddle in the visitors stakes to its more famous and obvious double stone row neighbour further up on the east bank of the Meavy. Although I'm not convinced that this is a stone row, double or otherwise, it lies slap bang in the middle of a number of Bronze Age remains clustered round the upper reaches of the Meavy.
Dropping down to Black Tor Falls for a shot of the remains of the blowing house with its mysterious XII inscription on the lintel before nipping up to Hart Tor, South Hessary Tor and down to the car park.

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