Sunday, 19 September 2010

Black Dunghill Run

To round off a good week of running it was time for a 10k blast on the moor on Sunday. Luckily Ewan is setting about building milage in prep for the legendary Grizzly (sometime in March) and the Dartmoor discovery ultra-marathon in June, so training together sounded like a plan.

From Holming Beam to the wonderfully named Black Dunghill via all manner of clarts was the first leg, followed by a tussock-fest down to the Walkham and up to White Barrow via the cairn on Cocks Hill.

From here we joined the Lich Way, or Way of the Dead down to Traveller's Ford before the pull up to Lydford Tor. Long swoopy tracks beckoned towards Beardown Tors and down to the Cowsic before the testy little climb back to the car park.

A lady in a car took a look at the state of us and commented that she wouldn't want to get in the bath with us. No answer to that, really..................


  1. think you might have 'spooked' her

  2. Spooked me, too. Not often I'm lost for words :-S

  3. Would you get in a bath with someone who had just come back from a Dunghill?

  4. Good point! We weren't too bad early on when the photos were taken but by the end we rivalled Spook in the muck magnet stakes.