Thursday, 20 January 2011

I Wish I Woz a Dog

Nearly at the end of a week of back to back short runs (10-15km). They're a dual purpose thing - get a bit of speedwork in and recce a few bits and pieces in prep for a busy run of navigation courses. No niggles, but the pins are starting to feel a bit leaden. Spook, on the other hand, starts each run as if it was his first and hasn't been out the house in weeks. He'll be like that tomorrow morning as well.

This short one took us down the motorway from Princetown to Nun's Cross Farm which lends itself to swiftness and then on up to Eylesbarrow. Down to Combeshead and then Hingston Hill stone row/menhir/cairn circle.

This is a cracking area for courses with a range of features to use. It's also on the edge of the 'Great Triangle' which is spookily devoid of Bronze Age stuff (or even 'restored' stuff.) A bit tongue-in-cheek, but worth pondering.....

I was on a course with a bloke once who was a reasonable navigator, knew the area quite well and totally lost it up on Down Tor in good visibility. Strange but true.....

Back up the stone row to Nun's Cross and a quick blast down the motorway, past a couple of mountainbikists, and back to Princetown.


  1. im with you paul but wouldn't fancy dry biscuits everyday for tea mind ;)

  2. True. Gravy bones not too bad though......

  3. Not to mention the bum sniffing and humping inanimate objects.

    Looks like it was a beautiful day for a run.

  4. A trip down to the vets put paid to the latter when he was a young lad. Shame.

  5. Never forget the look of reproach from my dog when his goolies went...

    Keep the training up! Great pictures and posts as ever