Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Lined Up

The weird foot injury's well on the way to being sorted. Meanwhile, a spot of surfing with my daughter and an excuse to post a bit of Shriekback.....


  1. good to hear that paul..whats that about doing the 100!!!?

  2. Yeah, I said no way, not ever, no sireee but I reckon the Northumberland will make my mind up for me. It's very tempting but I'm going to have to be more serious about training.

    You gotta be tempted........

  3. Glad your foot is on the mend.
    Where did you go surfing? One of my to-do's someday...although I am quite uncoordinated.

  4. Hi JessiePants - mostly at Widemouth Bay near Bude in Cornwall. Not the nearest break, but the nicest. It's loads of fun learning - give it a go!