Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Take Me To The River

Dire warnings of hideous weather sounded like an invitation to get out and about and get a few shots of the Tavy doing its thing.

Parking at Lane End we had a quick trot up the Cleave while the weather was sorting itself out. Crossing at Rattlebrook Foot was interesting so after a quick visit to Sandy Ford we looped round Amicombe Hill and up to Kitty Tor.

By now the weather thought it was high time for a spot of snow with some lumpy bits in driven on a lively westerly. After a visit to Green Tor, it was on to Chat Tor followed by an exfoliation as the hail got into its stride and the wind picked up. We tacked up to Hare Tor and plodged through the clarts before the swoopy downhill back to the car.

With some surprise I realised that I haven't posted any Talking Heads yet. Time to put that right....


  1. Fa fa fa fa far, better, run run run away oh oh oh oh.....

  2. A classic indeed. Can't beat a bit of Talking Heads.

  3. could be a road to nowhere too....