Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Once Round the Block

This song drove me nuts for years. I heard snippits of it every now and again on the telly (and in Morrisons a few weeks back) but never enough to get a handle on it or ask anybody else what it was. Conversations went something like;

'Ah! it's that jingly jangly song. From back in the day, but not that long ago. You must know what it is. You know....(does poor impression)....sort of a bit flanged.'

'I think you're a bit flanged'

As luck would have it, it was on the radio the other day, but I only caught the band. A swift spot of yootoobing later and I'd found it.

Seemed like a good soundtrack for a quick windy round today. Parking at High Down we splashed through the Lyd and followed it upstream to its confluence with the Smallacombe Brook. Setting off up the brook we cut off up to Great Links Tor and over to the Dunnagoats before blasting down the peat track to Brat Tor, across the Lyd and back to the car.


  1. Quality track! Good to hear the legs are still working well.

  2. Tis indeed a classic. Unfortunately, I can't get it out of my head now!

  3. Morrisons and Coop do run interesting soundtracks to your shopping...Pixies in torrington Coop the other day!!!

  4. Cool. Quite like the sound of the extensive juke box system solution at your local :-)