Friday, 18 November 2011

Spooky Loop

A combination of two things got me and Spook the Wonder Dog out in some less-than-promising windy claggy Dartmoor.

Being a Dartmoor anorak I couldn't resist going out to find an incised aluminium cross near Huntingdon Warren. I'd read it was located 'above Huntingdon, on a rock' which narrowed it down a bit.

Secondly, I've got a run of nav courses which I've planned in the area, so it was a good chance to get out for a recce.

Starting from Combestone Tor we shot up to Ryder's Hill, slurped through the clarts to Snowdon and swooped to Puper's Hill. Dropping down to cross the clapper bridge over the Western Walla Brook I spotted a likely looking group of rocks on the hill above the Huntingdon Warren House enclosures. As luck would have it 10 mins of checking likely boulders bore fruit.

Heading up to the Heap of Sinners cairn atop Huntingdon Hill I stopped to get a shot of Spook in full-on 'What're we doing next, boss, eh, eh?' mode. In between putting my camera away inside my freezer bag and zipping it up, viz had gone from good to Monster Mash grade clag. Weird.

Mind you, not as weird as Nurse with Wound.....


  1. Loopy Spook on a spooky loop. Love it! And some of the names of the features you have down there are brilliant - Sinners' Cairn?! Brilliant. Mind, I'm off next week to find the 'Seven Stones of Hordron' which sounds very Tolkien...

  2. Be sure to take a good supply of Elven bread and taters ;-)

  3. Certainly were! Was a bit disorientated when I looked up. Ryder's Hill is weird in the clag too. The 'right' track off always seems to be going in the wrong direction.