Sunday, 6 November 2011

Second Skin

After a run of wet and windy ones, Sunday's stunning weather meant it was out to give the 'Valley of Death' a bit of a going over. Feared and revered by the ramblers and letterboxers down here, the infamous valley is a half-decent incline either side of Sandy Ford on the West Okement. An out-and-back route would give me a chance to have a go at both sides. A cooling northerly breeze (not in the least bit snipey) promised cracking conditions.

Setting off into the wilderness, we followed a footpath all the way from High Down to High Willhays, plotting a slalom course between military huts and flagpoles.

A swoopy clarty downhill brought us to Sandy Ford which we splashed through before burning up the other side towards Fordsland's Ledge and on to High Willhays.

We retraced our steps to shoot up towards Kitty Tor. Although far from steep, it's fairly long and good training for my Perambulation run next year.
After Green and Brat Tors it was back in time for tea and cakes. Huzzah!
2hrs, 20mins.


  1. Paul, those skies were amazing! Sounds like a cracking run.


  2. Simon: Dartmoor seems to have got big skies down to a tee

    Dave:after a couple of days without a run he's have been happy with the high street!

  3. Loving the exotic sounding place-names.

  4. Nice run Paul - must get further afield on Dartmoor next time we're down.

  5. Cool. Just let me know when you're down next and we'll get out for a moors mince. The bogs and clarts are in fine form after all the rain :-)