Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Runner

After the Crematoria-like conditions of Sunday, the forecast for Wednesday was much more like it. Temps down by 10 degrees (not bad, but still a bit warm), 20mph south-westerly (getting better) with the off-chance of drizzle and even some lumpier bits in it (Ideal. Kit up. Dog in the back. Go.)

We parked up at Row Tor in the badlands of north Dartmoor. A minibus had just dropped a cargo of school kids and teachers off and they were tacking all flapping and excited up topwards Row Tor. The kids looked to be enjoying it too. An elderly couple in the car beside me looked a bit askance as I battled to get the door open and gave sympathetic greetings as we headed off into the wind-driven clag.

Didn't see another soul for the rest of the 3 hours. After a wind-assisted blast up Cosdon we followed the track up to Hangingstone Hill. Although Dartmoor has no hills to speak of, a spot of mist and murk does a fine job of lending it an atmospheric air. The light was changing so quickly that by the time I'd stopped and fished my camera out, that awesome shot had gone.....

From Hangingstone it was off to OP15, Sammy Arnold's Lane, High Willhays and Yes Tor before the swoopy run back to the car via West Mil Tor and Row Tor.



  1. Quote or misquote from 24 hour party people "all the enrgy of Joy Division but better clothes"

  2. Yeah, I heard that. Hit the nail on the head!

  3. you'll be loving the more inclement off to the sun!