Sunday, 2 October 2011

Heliofan (sorry.....)

Not usually fond of running in the heat I made an exception today to meet up with my lad who was walking the Abbot's Way again this year. This is organised by Tavistock and District Youth Forum and is a 25 mile cross-moor route from Buckfastleigh to Tavistock trod back in the day by monks from one abbey to the other.

Kicking off at 8:00 he finished with his team just before 17:00 in good shape. Last year was marked by lashing rain and a howling gale with some rivers rendered impassable, but happily this didn't put him off. Back in time for tea and cakes. Huzzah!

Despite being seriously warm it was nice to catch a few rays and Spook and me stuck to streams and rivers for a roundabout run via Naker's Hill.

I may end up being a helio fan yet.....


  1. A chip off the old block. Well done to 4 Winds Junior.

    Word; Slimestone. Sedimentary rock found in the White Peak.

  2. have you booked L50 yet..get yer skates on bonny lad

  3. my planning was to skip the 50 this (next) year and do a DIY ultra on Dartmoor next summer. There's a walk called the Perambulation which is about 50 miles which walkers usually do in two days, so I'll run it in one go. The year after (2013, I think) I'm up for the 100 before I get too old and knackered. You up for it then?