Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Big Sky

The start of the late September heat wave coupled with an industrial grade 'look' from Spook the wonder dog meant getting out for a run and taking a few photos. Warm southerly breezes must pick up scents along the way because they smell amazing. Half an hour into the run I was hitting my heat envelope and wishing for a minty sharp northerly.

Setting off from Two Bridges we padded up to Littaford and Longaford Tors before the plodge up to Higher White. From there it was up to Wildbanks Hill via Lower White for the big sky photo.

Not a soul to be seen (apart from the JCB and the blokes in hi-viz jackets on Stat's House Hill) Dartmoor wilderness, eh?
From here we dropped down to the waterfall on the East Dart and up to Broad Down for the start of the roller-coaster run to Cherry Brook Head and back up to Lower White Tor.
We'd just got to the top when we were beset by a swarm (?) of ramblers stretching off into the distance (unless they were just shorter towards the back) Their leader (for he was at the front and had by far the most kit) proudly announced that they were indeed ramblers and numbered 35! I noticed an embarassed looking young bloke at the back and asked him if he fancied a run instead. 'I wish' was the downhearted reply......or at least that's what I thought he said.

We finished off with a sprint past Longaford Tor, Littaford Tor and back down the Crockern track to the car park.

Could only be one song for today, really...
....tell 'em sisters.......


  1. Long time no comment - good to see you're still out and about:)
    Collective noun for a group of ramblers?

  2. Hi Matt,

    Could be a 'Paramo'


  3. a 'Fal-di-rah' I believe is the correct collective term :0

  4. Some were wearing fleeces! If I'd been wearing any less I would have been nicked.

  5. A trudge of ramblers.

    That really is a big blue sky.

  6. you didnt ask them if they were in the scouts did you? ;-)

  7. I felt sorry for the lad at the back. Have you seen 'The Great Outdoors' with Ruth (Nessa)Jones? Cringeworthy but well-observed.