Thursday, 16 February 2012

Fresh Feeling

After a run of longer trots on the moors it was high time for a swift hour and a half to blow the cobwebs away. After dropping my daughter off I parked up at the Fox and Hounds near Lydford (cracking beer last time I was in there and friendly staff). From there it was off up to Nodden Gate, following the Rattlebrook Peat Works railway track up as far as Gren Tor then cutting across to Hunt Tor and on to Kitty Tor. The sun made a brief but welcome appearance when I took these shots.

Any early thoughts of 'Spring's here' were dispelled by a fresh northerly wind which
brought with it specks of rain and a hint of something lumpier. Hastening to Green Tor we crossed the Rattlebrook at Bleak House and followed the track as far as Dick's Well before cutting up to Great Links Tor. From here it was a cracking swoopy (or should that be walshy?) descent to Arms Tor where we slalomed through the clitter and spashed through the Lyd.
Time for a bit of Eels wonderfulness.......


  1. Great pictures of the moors

  2. trust you pop back into the fox n hounds to check they were still as friendly ;)

  3. Wotcha gents!
    Felt like the first bit of sun for months (probably only about a couple of days, though)
    Can't take your eye off the ball with the pubs round here ;-)

  4. I'm with UC; you have to sample the atmosphere if nothing else (wot, no beer?) ;-)

    You captured some nice big horizons in those pictures.