Sunday, 26 February 2012

Crow Baby

Sweltering conditions descend on Dartmoor and it's high time to get me legs out again.

Amid screaming and swooning Spook and I set off from the Fox and Hounds (I checked, still a good pub) and sweated up to Arms Tor and on to Great Links. Despite the sun cracking the rocks and boiling the tarmac, Dartmoor's ramblers remained steadfast in their Paramos and gaiters. If I could have got away with wearing nothing, I would have done.

We splodged over to the Dunnagoats and made for Chat Tor before heading up to Hare Tor. Here Spook played with another collie who gave my bag the once over looking for chocolate.

By now I could have fried an egg on the rocks so it was a quick blast to Brat Tor where a couple of Ravens settled for a photo call.

An air-cooled blast down to the Lyd before back for another look at the Fox and Hounds.

A good excuse (if excuse were needed) for a bit of a classic from 80s gothsters March Violets. Takes me back...............


  1. Good job you checked the Fox & Hounds. Twice. ;-)

  2. Can't be too sure - pubs round here are a bit variable....

  3. Love the photo, I reckon it deserves to be extra large.

  4. Not unlike the bloke off of the March Violets then....