Monday, 19 March 2012

Blue Monday

A stunning day with temps creeping into double figures threatened to be a bit on the warm side so I set off early to get a long-ish one in.

Parking at High Down we set off up the track between Arms and Brat Tors, skirted the Dunnagoats and picked up the old railway track to Kitty Tor. It has been about a couple of years since I've been to Great Kneeset so we cut down the side of Amicombe Hill and slogged through to clarts for some cool views over the West Okement valley.

From here we made for Black Ridge and stopped for a couple of minutes to chomp a banana and a quick photo.

Cut Hill beckoned so we carved a way through the peat hags, stopping for a photo at the strangely gravestone-like Guide Stone.

From here it was a blast down to Fur Tor and on to Sandy Ford where I noticed the sole of my Walshes parting company. This was just about put-up-withable until I started to trip over in big clown shoes stylee at Chat Tor. Not having barefooted it so far this year it seemed like a good time to start so it was over to Brat Tor and down to the Lyd as nature intended.
Having made a firm decision weeks ago to get another pair of PBs I ordered a pair of Salomon Ultra 2s from Pete Bland's runnist emporium in a shade of blue best described as 'gopping'
Review to follow.


  1. Gopping blue - but not for long i'll bet! Cheers

  2. All my kit end up more or less the same colour. Pete Blands rang to say they were fresh out of the Salomons so it's off to Plymoouth to pick up a pair of snot green Swoops on Friday!

  3. no doubt you've also stripped to vest and racing shorts only by now too!

  4. Oh yeah. Daffs out, summer kit on :-)

  5. ...primroses are out too - do you know why they're called primroses..?

    Arf Arf

  6. Never mind that, have you seen Pictures of Mudskippers?

    Speaking of which I ended up with a pair of Walsh PBs in the end and the nice folks at Frank Elford Sports chucked in a pair of shorts at half price too.

  7. Can't beat a bit of gopping gear.

  8. They've mellowed a bit after a bit of a clartfest yesterday. They were startling for a while