Sunday, 8 July 2012


Marking exams has put a temporary stop to long runs, but the upside has been I've been doing more quicker ones which seems to suit at the moment.
Spook the Wonder Dog and I parked up at Peat Cott under darkening skies, off down the motorway to Nun's Cross and hung a left up to Little Fox and then Fox Tor. Lightening was flashing away to the south and before long the taps were turned on which was a welcome relief from the humidity. Heading up Sunshine Valley(!) we ended up around Naker's Hill area in a grade 1 clag. My map was in my bum-bag along with my waterproof and I thought it was a good time to test my theory that Dartmoor was too small to get lost in and if I kept running in the same direction I'd hit a familiar track. Sure enough, after 15 mins I was back at Fox Tor Girt and back out the clag.

(please note: Dartmoor is a barren, hostile wilderness and on no account should this be attempted at home)

As we were getting to Little Fox Tor a Chinook, keeping well low out of the cloud, wup-wupped overhead, spooking a herd of black cows.

Back to Nun's Cross and we weaved our way through a shuffling chicane of amply-equipped walkers.

Can't beat the rain......


  1. Getting lost if a gift some of us were born with.

  2. Yeah. Brings a bit of something extra to a run ;-)

  3. hope it rains on you at L50 (if youre still doing it)..better than hot sun

  4. Wotcha Dave!

    Won't be 50-ing this year but doing the Dartmoor Perambulation (about 50 miles) which should keep me out of bother. Got a nagging want to have a crack at the 100 next year. What's the worst that could happen???