Tuesday, 14 August 2012


After dropping my daughter off at the stables it was off on my regular circuit from High Down to Great Links via Arms Tor with a quick visit to Kitty Tor before dropping down to the Rattlebrook.
I'd spotted this enclosure wall the last time I was up this way and was a bit surprised that it wasn't on the OS.

Going into anorak mode (and I've got some severe competition down here) I got a few shots of it this time. It looks for all the world like an enclosure which has had its western half chopped away by workings close to the Rattlebrook. The photos don't look that convincing though - I suppose you had to be there. There doesn't seem to be any other hut circles or cists in the vicinity (either on the OS or on the ground) apart from a cairn about 300m on the other side of the Rattlebrook.

Worryingly I already have a taste for real ale and a flush of facial hair but if I start looking at Paramo catalogues or eyeing up gaiters, my better half has reluctantly agreed to put me out of my misery...


  1. I am sure you would look good in a bobble hat.

    1. I have disturbing dreams of map-cases flapping in the breeze and National Trust strickers........

  2. How do John! I reckon a pair of walking poles should complete my ensemble.

  3. get your best matching rohan outfit on!

  4. Wotcha Dave! Their t-shirts are top kit and I've been wearing them for years. All a bit worrying really......