Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sundog (PCO)

Peat Cott is always a good bet for a quick blast, so we were off after work down to Older Bridge and down into Newleycombe Lake. From there we tracked to Hingston Hill Stone Row and up to Down Tor. After a spalsh through Newleycombe Lake we followed the track to the Crazywell Pool outlet, up to the leat and on to Cramber Tor. A quick visit to the trig point later we headed for South Hessary and shot down the motorway back to Peat Cott. On the way I spotted a sundog (I've seen a few but never had my camera on me)


  1. And another.

    Hey up
    I was wondering, how have you been getting on with the walshes?

    1. Pretty well, Steve. They're way more comfy than my last pair, but they're also a size bigger. I'm getting through the studs at a fair lick so may look at a re-sole before long. Grips like sticky stuff on a blanket.

      Can't beat a bit of Penguin :-)