Sunday, 28 October 2012

Near Wild Heaven

A stunning crisp Saturday gave way to an evening which was too good to miss. Spook could have done with a good leg-stretch so we headed up to Peat Cott again with my full-on winter Bergen (well, 15 litre OMM Ultra) and Antarctic kit (well, tights and top). I thought we'd have a bit of a trot around and get a few shots of what promised to be a cracking sunset.

We dropped down to Older Bridge and picked our way down to the Newleycombe before heading up to Hingston Hill stone row, passing a couple of runners on the way. This could be Bronze Age, but just as likely to be a fanciful righting of stones by a bunch of cowboy builders from Plymouth back in the day. (sorry, Shamus)

After a quick blast up Down Tor and back through the Newleycombe we headed up to Cramber Tor. The sun was nowhere near setting yet so we took a diversion to Hart Tor to get this shot.

A quick blast to South Hessary Tor saw the sun dropping below a thick cloud bank and fizzling out a bit. The almost full moon opposite did its best to make up for it though.

A full moon on Monday, so after a bout of decorating we'll be off out this way again to have another go.


  1. Top photos Paul.

    Have fun decorating!

  2. Cheers Steve. When the woodchip's off the ceiling I'll have cracked it.

  3. Woodchip aarhghhh!
    I always seem to be on decorating duties - a bit like the fourth bridge my house!!

    nice photos Paul :-)