Monday, 19 November 2012

King of the Mountain

Well, I say mountain. More like a hillock, really.
Well, I say king. I think I was the first atop High Willhays on Sunday morning.
Just an excuse to post a bit of the Bushmeister if I'm honest.......
The frosty moorgrass and crunchy puddles gave a hint of winter wonders.

Passing a few walkers on the way and a lovely little collie which gave Spook the run-around we took this shot:

After a quick visit to Dinger Tor we shot off down Sammy Arnold's Lane and over to Oke Tor before dropping down to Cullever steps and a quick sprint back to the car park.
from High Willhays



  1. Dinger Tor, I love that name.

  2. sure paul makes up these random names steve!!

  3. Scary Tor and Snapper Tor are good ones, too

  4. 'Sammy Arnold's Lane' hee hee hee