Thursday, 24 January 2013


With temps on the rise, today was the last chance to get out for a trot in the white stuff in perfect running conditions.

A morning's marking was starting to do my head in, so we set off from High Down, through the Lyd and up to Arms Tor. There had been another dusting since I was here last time and the surface was crunchy and grippy and lovely.

Winding on up to Great Links it was starting to get interesting....

From here we padded over to the Dunna Goats with the snow hitting knee deep in places.
A bout of tussock-hopping brought us to the peat track where we met this pair heading up.
They must have been off somewhere cold and dangerous. We bottled it and headed off to Brat Tor for the blast back down to the Lyd and home.


  1. Good to see you got your fair share of the white stuff down there.

    1. Yeah, can't beat running in it. I reckon there'll be a bit more before long :)

  2. my all time favourite song of all time