Friday, 22 February 2013

Perpetuum Mobile

A bit of a moderate breeze meant the car park at Princetown was devoid of walkers as we set off up to South Hessary Tor. To be fair, the easterly was a bit naggy so I was forced to put a beany on the bonce, briefly.

At South Hessary we struck off across the trackless waste up the track to Cramber trig and crunched through the semi-solid boggy bits to Cramber Tor.

From there it was a quick blast down to the Devonport Leat and following this down Raddick Hill we crossed the aquaduct. We met a couple of walkers labouring under vast kittage and shot off up to Black Tor where I took this shot:
It was a bit breezy here, but hardly enough to ruffle my hair.......
We headed off down to the Meavy and on up to Hart Tor cutting through the stone row. From here up to South Hessary the headbreeze was a bit testy and then the short sprint back into Princetown with specks of fine snow bouncing off my windproof.
There's mutterings of a dusting on Saturday, so fingers crossed.


  1. The Peak District vernacular for a fresh easterly is 'Razzud' as in razored.

    1. Good word, that. 'Nithering's a good one too. I'll wager the Inuit have a word for the fine snow which bounces off your windproof.