Sunday, 2 February 2014

There and back again....

Almost a year (where does the time go?)

Rumours of a dusting on the moors meant it was time to get up to High Willhays and leave some stud marks in it.

Since posting last I've had a re-ignited fling with Walshes, but fickle thing that I am it's all Salomon Speedcross 3 these days. Good grip and comfy. Sold to the baldy northerner.....

Starting from Meldon Reservoir where a lively westerly was pushing washes over the dam overflow  I got my first look at the white stuff this year with a coating on Longstone Hill.

The pull up to Yes Tor was a soggy one as I missed my favourite line up under the snow cover (which by now was a crunchy couple of inches.)

After a quick blast to High Willhays against the wind I stopped just short to take this shot as the skies darkened in the west and everything came over all Mordor-like.

I'd just tucked in behind High Willhays to sign the snow and the world went white for a couple of minutes.

A crunchy plodge later I landed on Black Tor and sprinted back to the van to get a brew on.


  1. nice to see you back....hopefully join you for some moor bashing mate....

  2. Hey up! Long time no see/ read.

  3. Welcome back! Looking forward to more tall tales and fab photography.

  4. Cheers guys. The moors are currently underwater with the odd island of rock sticking through. Kev Costner would love it.