Sunday, 9 February 2014

Snow, shmow.....

Crow/Rough Tor from Higher White

There were mutterings on Spotlight weather about a bit of snow on the tops so I set off without Spook (who is recovering from Interesting Tummy) to Two Bridges. The car park was empty (which I thought was unusual, until I checked the time, which was an hour earlier than I thought it was.) All the better to get out to Rough Tor before the hills were rammed with walkers all out frolicking in the snow.

A swift warmer-up to Crockern Farm later, Longaford Tor hove into view sporting a  light dusting. Up on Higher White it was looking a bit more like snow with the sky poised to add to it. After a soggy plodge to Lower White with a lively cross-breeze it was the joys of Brown's Bog next. I was tempted to take a longer route round as I'd noticed somebody had turned the immersion heater off in the puddles on the way up and the water wasn't that warm. Not one to shirk a challenge though, I gritted teeth and other stuff and ploughed through the calf-deep slush to Brown's House.

After jumping the West Dart by the enclosure I plodded up to Rough Tor into the same lively breeze which by now had bits in it. From there it was a swift slushfest to Crow Tor with the traditional search for the CT stone (which I'm sure I found once back in the day, but never since)

Crossing the West Dart below Crow Tor was a bit of an adventure, but well do-able if you don't mind wet legs, then it was back up to Longaford Tor. The weather was at sixes and sevens with the odd burst of brittle sunshine between horizontal sleet and snow. A swoopy run later and I was back to Two Bridges.

Only two walkers walking and another few sheltering on Littaford Tor.

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