Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Yes Tor from High Willhays

I don't mind running in a bit of rain (in fact, quite enjoy it usually) but it's nice to get out in the warm and sunny for a change.

I parked up at Meldon Reservoir car park which was filling up nicely and padded up Longstone Hill before cutting left to head up to Yes Tor. Ten Tors training is in full swing down here with groups scattered over the hillside and I chatted to a checkpointer up on Yes Tor. Nothing worse than nervously scanning the horizon for your group to appear - when I was training groups I only did this once. After being well over an hour late I ran off to find them heading in the wrong direction, so after that I trailed them at a distance. Nightmare.

After a quick jog to High Willhays, slaloming between groups, I plodged down to Dinger Tor and found a good line down to Sandy Ford where a group was packing away their tents.

Following the river past Black Tor Copse I pick up the track round Meldon Reservoir and back over the dam where I chatted briefly to a sweet little collie with odd-colour eyes who couldn't make his mind up to bark at me or have a bit of fuss. Bless.

Title inspired by Liam Gallagher who I spotted in Tavistock while I was picking up my other half...


  1. We've had 2 weeks of non-stop rain and I've been running in the rain every day. I love the rain but there's been many floods and even drownings. Sunshine would be nice!

  2. Hi Johann. I was watching all the media coverage in Pretoria yesterday and couldn't help but notice the torrential rain.