Thursday, 10 April 2014

Fur Tor Furtle

Inspired by WITC's trip and having a couple of hours spare this morning, Spook and me headed up to Bagtor Gate in the Foxmobile.

After a bit of a warm-up to Lynch Tor we made a bee-line to Walkham Spur and on up to Fur Tor. The morning mist had burnt off leaving cracking visibility so I scrambled to the top to get even more, leaving my camera behind. Meanwhile, Spook had a good furtle round the tor.

On the way back we headed to Fuge's post (a tethering post and ring near Eastern Red Lake Head) and followed Black Lane before dropping down to Baggator Brook. Following the enclosure wall towards Standon Farm we pick up the road towards Brousentor Farm and back to the van for a brew.

The moor had dried out a fair bit, which made for good running. Not a soul out there (that I could see) although there were a few cars heading in the other direction as I drove home.


  1. Delighted to have inspired your furtle! WITC

  2. Hi Ian,
    Not been Standon Hill way for ages and never been down to the farms. Baggator Farm used to be an outdoor centre - there's an interesting site here.
    Didn't find the adit this time, but I've got a grid ref now and will have a furtle next time I'm out that way. Always good to go looking for 'new' stuff.

    Take care,


  3. Time spent out for a furtle is never wasted.

  4. Great photos.
    Does that make Spook a Rocker or Stoner.

  5. He's one of a kind, that's for sure. He'd clocked a sarnie crust at 500m+ and homed in on it like a missile.