Monday, 23 August 2010

Clouds and midgies and stuff

The second day of a client's nav course and we'd been hoping for bad viz. Weather being nothing if not contrary it turned out to be some of the best viz for ages, and humid to boot. Happily, the entertaining company more than made up for being eaten alive by flying stuff and sweating buckets.

With temps in double figures, I was well outside my comfort zone. Spotted three runners (one wearing what I would consider winter kit) who tried to keep pace with us but who we left for dead!
Every time we stopped flying ants used us as a take-off platform and midgies tried their best to find a bit of skin without a lump. Off down the outdoor shop to get some industrial grade DEET.
The clouds, it's got to be said, were pulling out all the stops and putting on a show.

I could recommend The Cloudspotter's Guide by Gavin Pretor-Pinney for a good read on the subject and the barefooter's bible Born to Run by Chris McDougall for a wizzard wheeze.


  1. The only man I know that would hope for bad viz!! Awesome pics as always :-)

  2. Ha Ha! It would have been perfect on Saturday - a real pea-souper!

  3. Def makes for more pleasant running conditions although fewer ops to top up the tan!

  4. i read 'sweaty buttocks' at first..glad i re-read it as 'sweating buckets'
    (must be the heat)
    damn those flees!

  5. I think you were right the first time!

  6. Midgies, flies, they drive me nuts. When will someone invent an inspector gadget-esque device which will destroy them with tiny lasers if they enter my personal space?

  7. Sounds like DEET is the stuff - melts plastic, though! Your last blog inspired me to get out on a shorts and vest full stop run on Dartmoor this evening. If I make it back, I'll blog it :-S